June 16, 2020

About MyCircle

About MyCircle

My Circle is an organization built on a network community of people influencing the society through innovations and strategic approaches. It is both an online and offline platform for advertising and promoting your favourite brands. It is a referee, job opportunity and social influencing engine that gives room for loyal customers of a brand to market the product and get rewarded. It creates an easier and efficient way of presenting and marketing brands to the outside world.

MyCircle Clients

The Clients includes companies, business and startups that wants to market their brands or products. My Circle is a network marketing platform which helps companies and businesses to market their brands to the right target audience in order to promote their businesses and make more sales.  

MyCircle Ambassadors

Ambassadors are the people that perform the campaign. They help with either educating or informing their community based on the type of campaign they are involved in. They are also known as the marketers which are the loyal customers of a particular brands or service.